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Protect your data online

September 5th, 2008 by Andreas Xavier in Privacy Online, Social Media. Topics:

In this modern world, computers are something which people often prefer for speedy communication. Either we use our own computer or we use some shared computers to get access to the Internet. But we often don’t know the security concerns when we are using the shared computer or even the owned computer.

We often use our work email addresses to send some of our private messages as well, which should not be done. The head of the organization has the full authority to access the work email address of its employees as and when he/she wants to. The data of the email is saved in the office server which can be seen by any other employee of the office as well. So it’s advisable to use only the personal email address to communicate with family and friends.

The most vital data which should be protected from the data sniffers are the passwords. Most of us often save our passwords on the computer memory for faster access to our mail accounts, which is absolutely not secured! The data sniffers look for those silly mistakes which are often repeated by the users. To stay safe from the mischief-mongers, we should always delete the computer’s cache memory, no matter how strong our security arrangements are. This can have even more adverse effect if we save our passwords on a shared computer in some café or at work.

Today, most teenagers would stay hooked to popular social networking sites like orkut, facebook, myspace etc. for a better part of their time. And in the process, they give out their personal datas to complete strangers sometimes, without knowing the adverse effects of it. Mischief-mongers often misuse this and get away at times! So the parents must keep an eye on their children so that they cannot be targeted by suspicious people.

The most important thing that can help people to protect their data is that they should keep themselves mentally active while giving their personal data to any website on the Internet.

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