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Bitten by the dental negligence bug? Claim compensation now

  When you visit the dentist for a check up or for treatment, your dentists owes you a service which involves providing the correct treatments and performing the correct procedures. If your dentist makes a mistake or causes damage which could have been avoided, you could be entitled to claim compensation.   A dental negligence […] Continue Reading

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8 Google+ Pages And Communities For Amateur Private Investigators

Do you dream of dames with a story to tell, long stakeouts, and uncovering the hidden truth about about people? But you don’t really feel like putting in the kind of work that professional sleuthing requires? No worries. Thanks to a host of online resources, you can be a savvy private eye without ever having […] Continue Reading

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Motoring law. The Consequences

Driving in the United Kingdom today you are increasingly likely to commit some form of motoring offence, often unintentionally. However, despite a stretched police force you are not guaranteed to escape detection. Each year over 14million motoring offences are recorded within the UK, stretching from parking offences through speeding and up to the more serious […] Continue Reading

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Different DUI Policies Across the US

The regulation of public roadways in the US is left to the state governments, hence the policies that apply to the operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs vary around the country. However, there is some consistency across the nation due to the federal government’s ability to influence […] Continue Reading

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Can Edward Snowden Really Be Convicted Of Treason?

When National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden leaked information about a secret data-collection program called PRISM, he knew it would put him in hot water. Already some people in high government positions are using the dreaded “T” word to describe the 29-year-old former analyst.  “I think he’s a traitor,” said Texas Senator John Cornyn. “He has […] Continue Reading

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Search people discreetly

There comes a moment in individuals life when he/ she does not feel right about a person or a thing. The sixth sense of your tingles because of that person and you just can not let go of it without verifying it. Obviously you do not want that person to know that you are snooping […] Continue Reading

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How to search people online

Want to lookup a person or access his/her public records without him knowing any better? In past for this kind of work you would have to hire a private investigator who would do this dirty little secretive work for you and charge a hefty fee for it. But now you could locate and investigate any […] Continue Reading

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Sex Offenders Public Record- Is it Ethical

The subject on whether sex offenders’ public records is ethical is open for debate. Some people protested because it seems like a euphemism for eternal humiliation and is morally unacceptable. Violation of privacy of identity by putting the name and the case of the offender into data record is also widely argued. Many people believed […] Continue Reading

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New Friends Online? Check Them Out Before Getting Too Close

The Internet has become one of the latest places to meet people. Whether you are looking for a casual friend or a romantic interlude, it can all be found on the worldwide web. Places like Facebook and Myspace give you a forum to express yourself to others, and the number of matchmaker sites these days […] Continue Reading

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Finding People in the UK

Searching for someone that you have not seen in years in the United Kingdom (UK) is hard work. UK is a unitary state which consists of four countries and the person that you want to find might be in any part of the UK. With population of approximately 60 million people, the mission of finding […] Continue Reading

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