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Why choose us?

Here at Priority Legal we understand that making a personal injury claim can be a stressful and unsettling time.  If you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, and suffered an injury as a consequence, then you have the right to claim for compensation. Continue Reading

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The ID Crooks Using Text Messages

There seems to be a new scam on the market with news that more and more people are receiving cell phone text message from their ‘banks’ advising them that their accounts have been frozen due to suspicious activity. The recipient is then asked to log onto a website to confirm their details and allow the […] Continue Reading

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Beware Of Your Next Door Neighbour!

As the internet becomes a larger part of our everyday lives there is a danger that many people will start to forget about the traditional ID theft techniques, the offline scams which can put you into serious financial difficulties. One of the latest offline ID thefts to make a comeback is the one carried out […] Continue Reading

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Is Phorm A Step Too Far?

While the hot debate on the internet at the moment is ID theft and the collecting of personal details, many people are becoming increasingly concerned about a new advertising system devised by a company called Phorm (formerly 121Media) which actually tracks people’s internet activity. Even though it is perhaps not your standard ID theft method, […] Continue Reading

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ID Scams On The Increase But Why Do People Never Learn?

We have all seen the news, we have all seen the warnings but it seems as though fewer and fewer internet surfers are taking notice of the warnings about online ID theft. As the worldwide economy continues to struggle there have been reports of more scams, more fake emails and more attempts than ever before […] Continue Reading

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Does The Internet Reflect The Inner Workings Of The World?

There is no point in saying that the internet has not changed our lives because it has, whether directly or indirectly, but does the internet actually reflect the inner workings of the world? Are we leaving ourselves too open and too exposed? When you sit down and think exactly what the internet does for you, […] Continue Reading

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Are Internet Entrepreneurs Leaving Themselves Open To Attack?

While it is widely recognised that the internet offers each and every person in the world the chance to set up their own business, work from home and earn a lucrative income if they are willing to put the work in, are Internet Entrepreneurs leaving themselves open to fraud and ID theft? The chances are […] Continue Reading

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Are We All Subject To The Same Rules Regarding The Disclosure Of Information?

While there is no doubt that the internet has been and continues to be very useful for a whole host of reasons, we are seeing signs that where information is concerned there are two distinctly different areas of access. We have seen a number of examples whereby large corporations, show business stars and politicians have […] Continue Reading

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How to Conduct a Public Records Search

Public records search can be performed through many different ways. Just to name a few, it can be your school, library, courts, the local municipal office, government agencies and even at places of worship. Other than the public archives which are free, most of other services require a fee. Needless to say, some government employees […] Continue Reading

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