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Sex Offenders Public Record- Is it Ethical

The subject on whether sex offenders’ public records is ethical is open for debate. Some people protested because it seems like a euphemism for eternal humiliation and is morally unacceptable. Violation of privacy of identity by putting the name and the case of the offender into data record is also widely argued. Many people believed […] Continue Reading

Posted in Privacy Online, Public records, Sex offenders, Web sites

Find sex offenders close to you

In California sex offenders must be registered as a result of a new law (see meganslaw.ca.gov for more information). To provide anyone with information on more then 63,000 persons the State of California has built a special search engine where you can search for sex offenders close to your home, your kids schools, or just […] Continue Reading

Posted in Addresses, Background checks, Sex offenders

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