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The Most Well Known Forensic Accounting Cases

Forensic accounting is a very important profession and the findings of these experts can really make a big difference in the verdict of a court proceeding. In fact, there are a number of famous cases in which forensic accounting played a very large role. Let’s take a look at what forensic accounting is and then […] Continue Reading

Posted in Criminal records

I Got a DUI in Los Angeles…Now What?

Drunk driving is a huge issue in Los Angeles. You’ve probably heard about the California Angels athlete Nick Adenhart who was killed by a drunk driver in Fullerton a few years back, and that was just one incident that got a lot of publicity. During that year, there were 2,623 DUI arrests in a randomly […] Continue Reading

Posted in Criminal records

Why Do Criminals Target Public Events?

With the horror of the Boston Marathon bombing still looming overhead, yet another tragedy has taken place at a public event. On Sunday, May 12th, an armed shooter opened fire on people marching in an annual Mother’s Day Parade in New Orleans, Louisiana. The parade had over 400 guests, and it was led by local […] Continue Reading

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Search people discreetly

There comes a moment in individuals life when he/ she does not feel right about a person or a thing. The sixth sense of your tingles because of that person and you just can not let go of it without verifying it. Obviously you do not want that person to know that you are snooping […] Continue Reading

Posted in Addresses, Criminal records, Email Addresses, People Searches, Privacy Online, Public records, Unlisted phone numbers

How to search people online

Want to lookup a person or access his/her public records without him knowing any better? In past for this kind of work you would have to hire a private investigator who would do this dirty little secretive work for you and charge a hefty fee for it. But now you could locate and investigate any […] Continue Reading

Posted in Criminal records, People Searches, Public records, Search Engines

Has The Internet Taken Away Your Privacy?

While there is no doubt that the internet has been instrumental in a whole number of positive advances in the world of public information records, has it gone too far in some areas? Is it possible for a potential fraudster to pick away at elements of your life, bring them together and make life really […] Continue Reading

Posted in Court records, Criminal records, Public records

Three Common Ways to Search Public Records

In spite of all the controversy and talks about one’s right to privacy, an increasing number of people search public records for various reasons. Background checks, marriage and divorce records, criminal and civil records, phone directories, property records, family history, adoption and birth records, VIN decoders, driving records, unclaimed assets, business records, immigration records, and […] Continue Reading

Posted in Background checks, Criminal records, Divorce records, Marriage records, Public records

How to Conduct a Public Records Search

Public records search can be performed through many different ways. Just to name a few, it can be your school, library, courts, the local municipal office, government agencies and even at places of worship. Other than the public archives which are free, most of other services require a fee. Needless to say, some government employees […] Continue Reading

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