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Do You Need To Pay Big Bucks To Find A Missing Person?

June 23rd, 2008 by Andreas Xavier in Addresses, Phone numbers, Public records. Topics:

Over the last couple of years there has been a massive increase in the number of companies offering to trace people who have disappeared or ‘gone under ground’, but do you actually need to pay big bucks to find people? Is it really as difficult as some might have you believe?

The growth in internet use and services moving online has brought a mass of data to the fingertips of every person who has access to the internet. While we have mentioned using social networking sites to locate some people, this does not always work. However, many governments around the world are placing their census material online for the public to browse and search. For many people this could be the perfect starting point to finding a loved one they have lost touch with, or perhaps someone who has a debt outstanding.

The beauty of the internet is the fact that so much information is out there if you know where to look with eBooks now available giving full details of where to look and what to search for. Many of these search bureaus will have you believe that they have special contacts who have access to information which you will never see. Well this is not always correct!

Telephone numbers, places of work, old addresses and even old school sites can often lead you to that snippet of information which might make your search that much easier. Not only will you feel a sense of achievement after you have found the person you were after, but you will likely have saved yourself a mountain of money as well.

Many people seem to be put off by the vast array of commercial internet sites which dominate the people search sector. Many of these sites pay big money to get to the top of the search engines, often leaving the information providing websites lower down the rankings out of sight. Next time you search the net for someone or a particular piece of information do not contain you search to the first few pages of Google search results. Take your time and work your way past the commercial outfits and into the information providers, which is where you will be able to gain leads and additional information at zero or very little cost.

The bureaus may be able to find that missing person quicker than you, but with time and a little experience you could save yourself a small fortune.

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Andreas co-founded Xavier Media® in 1996 and has since been involved in all kinds of development, marketing and making money online.


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