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Cell Phone Hacking Programs – Are they Secure

May 19th, 2009 by Andreas Xavier in Cell Phones. Topics:

Cell phone used to be a device to only make or receive calls and to send text messages. As cell phones keep evolving to keep abreast with the advancing technology, they are and never will be the same again. Futuristic features such as Bluetooth, WAP, EDGE, MMS and 3G are now common features in a cell phone and they are a must for tech-savvy people and all these ways of connectivity make hacking a cell phone now even more feasible, especially with cell phone hacking programs.
Intelligent cyber criminals have started to take advantage of technology to generate illegal money since a very long time ago. And now, they are targeting your cell phones. To hack a cell phone with cell phone hacking programs, the hackers can initiate attacks through only one server that houses numerous websites. Through the server, the technically superior software is able to extract information from your phone and spam your phone mail box. As the cell phone slowly turns into mini lap top, a small but powerful device, it is no wonder that cell phones are the next target for hackers to steal valuable information from.
One of the technique that the hackers used is Bluesnarfing. The term ‘Bluesnarfing’ refers to Bluetooth hacking. This means that people could hack and jeopardize your phone if you leave your Bluetooth connection on and unattended with certain hacking programs. It is like leaving your IP on the Internet. This way, almost anyone and everyone can connect, through phones and computers, to your phone. In some cases, hackers are even able take control of the phone to do illegal activities like sending viruses to corrupt your phone system and  maybe even to spy on you.
However, cell phone hacking does not always involve crimes. Teenagers with strong hacking skills hacked their own phones with online hacking programs to increase more functions to their phones and to add features that phones are not meant to have. In fact, any phone model and service provider can be hacked with the available hacking programs. Most people learn to hack their own phones to unlock their phones or to reveal hidden menus in their phones.
It is therefore not surprising to learn that one day everyone can become a skilled hacker. This will prove to be easy, especially with the abundant free online hacking programs that you can find on the Internet. As a vigilant cell phone user, you should take simple basic precaution measures to protect your assets, your personal information and of course, yourself, from these cyber predators.

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