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Finding People in the UK

July 23rd, 2009 by Andreas Xavier in Public records, Search Engines, White Pages. Topics:

Searching for someone that you have not seen in years in the United Kingdom (UK) is hard work. UK is a unitary state which consists of four countries and the person that you want to find might be in any part of the UK. With population of approximately 60 million people, the mission of finding someone sounds almost impossible. However, with the appropriate methods, it will not be long for you  to be re-united with the person that you have been looking for.
Some people prefer to search through online directories such as Find People UK and UK People Finder. By giving accurate information and the finest details of a person such as the middle name and siblings will help you to minimize the scope of your search. It is helpful to include dates and times of certain occasions to reduce chances of finding someone with the same name. The information of birth date, addresses database and family members is crucial to narrow down the search results.
If the information about the person is insufficient, people are encouraged to try to post a message through the message board service. There are many websites in the UK that provide such a service. All the user need to do is to write something that only that specific person will know or  recognize. If you are lucky, the person that you are looking for will see the message and will be able to reply your message and soon enough, you will be notified through e-mail for the response that was left for you.
However, there is also a chance that the online methods might not work for you and if all failed, hiring a licensed and skilled investigator might be a wise choice for you, like The UK People Search.  Professional investigator could be the answer to help you find someone from a broad range of sources like the indexes to births, marriages and deaths, telephone directories and The Will Registry.
Harnessing technology like the search engines available on the UK sites to locate a person will help you with your search and it will most definitely make the task less tedious and in the minimum amount of time, but it does not, of course, comes with a guarantee for results. Conventional search route however might do the job but it might takes a very long time to achieve your mission.

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