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October 16th, 2009 by Andreas Xavier in People Searches, Schoolmates, Search Engines, Social Media, Web sites. Topics:

Conventional social networking has been replaced slowly by social networking sites. Making friends no longer stays in the boundary of schools. Circle of friends is spreading to every part of the world by just a click on the buttons displayed. The main function of social networking sites is to connect people from around the world who share common friends, fraternity and even interests.
The current most popular social networking site is Facebook, a site that becomes an overnight serendipitous craze among young people. The best feature in Facebook is online games that lured people to sign up. Before Facebook appeared, it was Friendster and MySpace that ruled the online communities. Mass migration of online users to sites with better quality music and video capability is inevitable since users are only seeking for entertainment. Furthermore, young people always love fresh new interesting sites to pass their leisure time.
Virtual communities in online universe serve as huge market for lucrative business. Sites with high portfolio attract giant advertising companies to invest in such sites. The exponential increment of users of social networking sites cannot be ignored by far-sighted business people. Popular users of social networking sites like Xanga and Blogger are endorsed to boost business sales. In some bizarre cases, this also creates a path for fortunate users into entertainment business.
Although social networking sites seems like the best rendezvous for old friends, it is a myth that social networking sites strengthen relationships. Rumours are easily circulated in such sites to tarnish one’s reputation. In some extreme cases, online scams are mushrooming to dupe gullible people. Even spreading computer- corrupting virus is possible through the sites.
Therefore, it is up to the users’ judgment on whether social networking sites are harmful or not. The long- term success of such sites is determined by users whether they here to stay or just a fad.

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