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I Got a DUI in Los Angeles…Now What?

September 1st, 2013 by Andreas Xavier in Criminal records. Topics: ,

Drunk driving is a huge issue in Los Angeles. You’ve probably heard about the California Angels athlete Nick Adenhart who was killed by a drunk driver in Fullerton a few years back, and that was just one incident that got a lot of publicity. During that year, there were 2,623 DUI arrests in a randomly chosen two-week period according to a study done by the California Office of Traffic and Safety.

So, what if you’re one of the tens of thousands of arrests that happen in that area on a regular basis? You already know that you’ve done something wrong – now it’s time to face the law. Here are some things you should know.


It’s Expensive, Even for a First Offense

A person who has been arrested with a DUI can spend anywhere from 96 hours to six months in jail. Along with that, you’re going to be hit with a fine right off the bat, which could cost you anywhere from around $400 to around $1,000. If found guilty, you’ll also have to pay a penalty assessment which is three times the amount of the fine. All said and done, a Los Angeles DUI could end up costing you as much as $20,000 and your drivers license will likely be suspended for six months. There are a few different DUI programs in Los Angeles, one of which you will have to complete. It’s up to the judge if you’ll need to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle as well.


Get a Good Lawyer

Many DUI cases are very cut-and-dry. If you took a field sobriety test and failed it, you’ve pretty much proven yourself guilty on the spot. However, finding a Los Angeles attorney who knows the law can analyze the details of your arrest and potentially have your charges substantially lowered. There are many hidden DUI costs that you’re going to get stuck with if you don’t get them dismissed or lowered, and there are a lot of other complications that having a DUI is going to present. An attorney can also cover these things in detail with you so that together you can come up with the best course of action.


Hidden Issues that Accompany a DUI Conviction

As stated before, there are a lot of issues that come along with a DUI conviction that you might not have known or thought about. Your credit score could be significantly affected. You may no longer be allowed to possess a firearm. You may no longer be allowed to leave the country. If you have a CDL, you’ll probably lose that as well – and if your job requires it, you may lose your job. Providers may increase the cost of your health insurance. Your vehicle could be impounded and you may no longer be able to rent a vehicle, which is an extreme inconvenience and can also be expensive.

All of this, and the added fees – such as court fees, legal bills, the cost of court-ordered DUI classes, and licensing fees – haven’t even been mentioned.

Needless to say, driving drunk is a decision that will change your life, and most definitely not for the better. If you’re in Los Angeles and have to go to court for a DUI charge, you had better get the best lawyer you can find – otherwise, you’ve got a long, strenuous, and expensive road ahead of you.

Hailey Andersen is an avid blogger who enjoys writing about the legal process.

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