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The Most Corrupt Police Forces of All Time

October 9th, 2013 by Andreas Xavier in Court records. Topics:

Any article with such a title should begin with stating the obvious: Not all police departments are corrupt. In fact, there are thousands of departments that are filled to the brim with honest, hard-working men and women who protect and serve as their life’s calling. That said, there are some agencies in this world that leave much to be desired with their treatment of those they are sworn to serve.


Haiti has long been known to have one of the most corrupt departments in the world. If you travel to Haiti, avoid the police at all cost. The Haitian National Police are known for kidnapping, rape, drug trafficking and, perhaps worst of all, human rights violations. Members of the HNP are known to turn a blind eye to gang activity and resisted responding to other violent crimes.


Mexico is second only to Haiti when it comes to corrupt forces. The pay for police in Mexico is so low that these officers often turn to other means to support themselves and their families. Unfortunately for the country’s citizens and tourists, these other means frequently include protecting drug cartels, assisting in the trafficking of drugs, and demanding money from unsuspecting tourists. It is not unheard of for people to be jailed in Mexico for no reason whatsoever. If you plan a trip to this beautiful country, stay in a resort.


Kenya is another place where it is best to avoid the police. Citizens report being forced to pay the police for access to healthcare, education and utility services. Somali refugees report being molested, blackmailed and beaten by officers in Kenya. 92 percent of the citizens in the country label their police force as the most corrupt in the world.


The police in Uzbekistan will protect you; for a price. Do not expect protection for free. Brutality and bribery run rampant through the department in Uzbekistan. As a citizen, you can expect to fork over cash to the police for a myriad of offenses, from the most minor to the incredibly major. If you want to go to school at a leading institution, you’ll be paying the police for that as well.


As if the people of Iraq don’t have enough problems, there police force is easily one of the most corrupt. Everyone knows that terrorism is a problem in the country, perhaps none more than the police. These “professionals” are not only ineffective at controlling terrorism, but they participate in violent acts against their own citizens. Kidnappings, ransom demands and bribery are only a few examples of the misbehaviors of these men.


Like Iraq, Afghanistan has enough on its plate without having to worry about the police department. Sadly, these men perpetrate acts of violence on citizens and foreigners at checkpoints around the country. People are bribed to avoid arrest and, if arrested, are bribed to be released from jail. It’s best to avoid anyone in a uniform if you find yourself in this country.

People in America love to point fingers at the misdeeds of police. What most fail to consider is that the police in America are some of the most professional in the world. Very few Americans have a valid reason to be afraid of the police but, if you are, chances are that you’ve committed an actual, provable crime.




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