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Advantages of Retaining Startup Lawyers

March 5th, 2014 by Andreas Xavier in Law. Topics: , , , ,

Startups are businesses that are being put in place by entrepreneurs. These businesses have some special requirements on the legal side as well that startup lawyers or lawyers who specialize in helping startups are likely to be aware of. To begin with, most startups disturb the established models or are disruptive to existing business practices. While this is what makes them innovative and different, they need experienced lawyers for startups who can ensure that this is achieved legally.


While startups have new and innovative ideas, the startup lawyers have the responsibility of ensuring that these ideas comply with current legal requirements. The lawyers need to understand the end product being suggested by the entrepreneur and find a legal way of achieving this. Typically, this is possible by lawyers who are themselves entrepreneurs and understand the requirements of startups and entrepreneurs.

The startup lawyers have to be enablers of the business and ensure that the legal requirements are met even while making the innovation implementable. For this startup lawyers have to approach the idea with an open mind and be willing to work to find a solution to the legal dilemma and at the most point out the risks involved.

Foundation Agreement

A startup needs a framework for beginning the business, hiring and firing employees, non-disclosure agreements, a system for protecting intellectual property, the legal services to constitute a board, frame its byelaws, and so on. The startup also needs to apply for and obtain permits from local and state authorities. All of these legal requirements can be handed over to startup lawyers who will also explain the basic laws regarding employee compensation, insurance requirements, and so on in the state.

Financial Agreements

Most startups are begun by entrepreneurs who have a great idea, invention, or technology that they believe is needed and can be monetized. While the entrepreneur will also need to have the ability to sell the idea to financial backers and venture capitalists, the startup lawyers will need to be able to draft the financial terms and advice the entrepreneur on the deal. They lawyers will have to be aware of the legal implications of various financial agreements and be able to draw up agreements for stock options and so on.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Most startups bring innovative ideas to the field they operate in. This means that the startup lawyer has the responsibility of ensuring that the business is able to protect its copyright and intellectual property and does not infringe up on the rights of others.

This is especially so when the startup uses new technology such as the Internet to disrupt established patterns of business. Often the innovation is in the new use that the technology is put to, in order to make the make the business more competitive and customer friendly. The startup lawyers have to be aware of the new technology and the laws regarding it in order to be able to protect the intellectual property of their client.

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