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November 10th, 2008 by helix911 in Addresses, Email Addresses, Phone numbers, White Pages. Topics:

Anyone and everyone who has access to web can use white pages. If you want to lookup someone’s address, phone number or do a reverse address lookup or reverse phone lookup the white pages are an ideal destination for you.
Somebody is giving you missed calls and driving you crazy. Now you want to know who that person is but have no clue as to do reverse telephone lookup using the white pages. Want the number of a childhood sweetheart you just caught a glimpse across the street and just could not catch her, white pages is the place for you.
This article provides a list of the best white pages out there on the web that do not make hollow promises but actually deliver results efficiently, quickly and easily. The white pages will give you the phone number, address and work places without any hassles.
The best of the lot is the USA White pages that provide business and people search, reverse phone search, reverse cell phone search, reverse address and email search as well. Results include full phone number, address, and time at the location as well as street map how to get there.
The same is true for Canada white pages but with a change in the color scheme and the advertisement. The street map layout for Canada white pages is not as useful as that of USA as all the cities and villages have not been loaded.
Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland offer fast white pages based just on people surnames and if possible their town. Results will again include full name, address, phone numbers and the map to the exact location.
Most of the countries have a well organized phone directory setup in which you can key in the phone number with the area code and you will get the desired result within matter of seconds. Chances are if they have not listed it as yet it does not exist.

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