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Finding People Online

November 27th, 2008 by helix911 in Court records, People Searches, Privacy Online, Search Engines. Topics:

Finding people online was a very tough job earlier. You might have lost contact with your friends after high school and it has been years since you last had a chat with them. But now with the evolution of technology it has become easier and convenient. There may be various reasons why you want to find someone. May be a far relative, a college crush, even a business contact. You may try to find them with the help of the search engine tools such as Lycos or Google. Even though your success rate may be there but most f the times it results in a failure. Where these searching giants fail when it comes to finding people online, the answer to the problem is deep web, also known as the invisible web. It is a vast repository of the required information and other content, such as documents and addresses in the online databases which these so called web crawlers are unable to search. The deep web content is estimated to be 500 times the surface web, but it is still underground due to the certain limitations of the so called traditional search engines. Most of the private information of the individuals is kept invisible for a regular search engine as these personal profiles, public documents as well as public records which are stored into databases are not found on static web pages. The sites like amazon.con, hoovers.com, ICQ,, Flickers.com, MySpace, Hi5 ,Orkut, etc. are the sites with deep web content. Pipl’s query engine is also a search engine which will help you find the deep web content which is not available otherwise. The company’s computers are set to interact with the databases which are searchable and are able to extract facts as well as the other relevant information from the personal profiles, court records as well as other member directories and other such deep-web sources.

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