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Online Phone Directories

February 3rd, 2009 by helix911 in Email Addresses, People Searches, Phone numbers. Topics:

What one can do if he wants to write to his long lost friend and has lost hi email address? There is no record of that person on his computer and not even in the postal address book. In this age anything is possible to get the information for which you are looking. Though it’s not that easy because some stumbling blocks can be encountered during search. Biggest one of them is many email addresses are there and many of them are old and even not working. It is an impossible task to keep track of email addresses of every individual all over the world because people may own multiple email addresses.
One good thing about finding email addresses is that the resources supporting partial listing are very few though it is not only one single place to obtain all the email addresses. This increases the chances of finding what you want to look. One of such resources is Online Phone Directories which is now becoming a primary resource to figure out finding people because of wealth of information offered by it. Unlike other ordinary phone directories, besides offering person’s phone number, it includes additional information of person like his residential address, his office and email address.
The two websites with large online directories having huge database of person’s names, phone numbers and email addresses are Switchboard.com and Addresses.com. These days, many colleges and universities maintain a database of contact information of undergraduate and graduate students which helps in locating a person and knowing hi workplace or his school. Many business organizations maintain database of their employee contacts. This helps how to find people step by step after logging onto their website. Their website also contains FAQs to overcome any problem encountered. In this electronic world, every individual looks for the simplest possible solution. So, taking the email address of the person is the best possible way to keep hi contact information.

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