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March 1st, 2009 by helix911 in Addresses, People Searches, Phone numbers, White Pages. Topics:

While doing any work you may remember your friend who loved doing that thing and wonder about him and start thinking back of all the memories together. Now, wishing to see that person again, to keep in touch with him and feel better finding him doing great , you start surfing on your computer until you find white pages and search him through it. There are various free white pages, for finding people, available on internet for internet users that contain person’s phone number, his email address and his address. All these searches are done online.
White pages is among directories that can be used in Canada and USA and these two versions differ in respect of color scheme and ads. It helps in conducting business and people search, phone number lookup, email address search and many more. What all needed is person’s name and zip code you are seeking. BT is another white page directory that offers conducting fast search on the basis of surname and town of that person you want to look. This directory gives the address of that person as well as the map showing the location of the address on the map. BT can be used with Scotland, N. Ireland, England and Wales. Another white pages directory that contains several phone book options that is made available for every country is Numberway.
People search toolbar is also available on internet which is directly added to the toolbar and helps in direct search that searches with the use to phone numbers. For finding a person in white pages, you will get best result by entering person’s first name, last name and his address. By entering state or zip code rather than name of city, results will be better. White pages is a very convenient means of getting information, taking little of your time and you will gain what you want to look.

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