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Trace Your Ancestry

December 14th, 2009 by Andreas Xavier in Birth and death records, Genealogy. Topics:

Sometimes people who have the same surname as you are not necessarily related to you, biologically or not. Whether you are a descendant of the great soldier in war time or you have a royal bloodline, you can actually find out where your roots are from by tracing your ancestry.  Tracing your ancestry is of course not as easy as filling up names of your family members on picture of a tree. This task requires help and  more information through reliable sources and methodologies.
To do this, people of this era are fortunate to have easy access to online databases to track their ancestors. Sites like GeneBase, Rootsweb- World Connect Project, HeritageQuest Online and Debt of Honour Register are examples of online genealogy databases that could assist you in finding your family history. These sites offer packages from seeking your paternal and maternal lines to tracing immediate relatives of all lines.
Besides online databases, you can also try to entering family information through online search websites such as the Family Tree Search and FindMyPast.com. You need to enter personal details such as surname, birth date, military records or marriage records for higher precision. Legal and official documents are very helpful if you are lack of information of your closest relatives.
Another popular way of tracing your descent is using genetic genealogy research. Genetic genealogy research allows you to discover the path of our ancestors and how they migrated throughout the world. The main distinguish from normal genealogy is the application of genealogical DNA testing is entailed. However, this method is almost always resisted due to its cost, quality of testing and concerns over privacy issues.
Learning about your own ancestry makes you a part of your family history and it will enrich your knowledge about your family and yourself. It does not matter if you are linked to the royalty or only the commoners. What matters the most is your future generations are able to learn about their family and where it began.

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