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Reverse telephone lookup

January 14th, 2010 by helix911 in Addresses, Cell Phones, Email Addresses, Phone numbers. Topics:

Somebody is giving you missed calls and driving you crazy. Now you want to know who that person is but have no clue as to do Reverse telephone lookup. The article points out some of the easiest ways to do so. Phone look up may be used in variety of cases ranging from checking out background profile of a person or tracing a prank caller or spying on your spouse.
With the advent of technology anybody can do a Reverse telephone lookup. No need of bulky telephone directories or making rounds of the telephone offices. No need to go through the telephone records alphabetically or sequentially anymore. You just need to be hooked to internet to find or trace that person.
Although public databases are a good place to look up address and names as well as one of the cheapest but most of the time they are hopelessly outdated and you need to get permission from dozen authorities to access them. Also you get to waste your precious time over a thing that could be done in matter of seconds.
So what do we need to start off? First and the foremost thing is the number. You need the no with full area code other wise it is useless. A no without area code could belong to any city in the country and we could get multiple matches for the number.
Other than the public databases you could check your number at least 2 other places. First being the free reverse lookup directories and other being paid reverse lookup directories. You could check your number anywhere but there is a minor glitch with the free service. The free reverse lookup directory allows you to only check the landlines while this is not the case with paid directory lookups. You could check any number be it landline, cellular or satellite phone.
So chose depending upon your needs. Is the number worth spending money upon? It’s preferable to use free phone listing for landline as the results are guaranteed. While for cellular numbers there is no choice but too use paid phone directories. If you have no luck in the residence section of the free reverse lookup then don’t forget to check in the Business Directories online. USCity and DexKnows are some good examples of this.
Some of the free telephone lookups display personal information like email ids and occupation, name, age and address are common features in one and all. Do not check for mobile phones on free lookups as they only contain landline numbers.

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