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How to search people online

March 19th, 2010 by helix911 in Criminal records, People Searches, Public records, Search Engines. Topics:

Want to lookup a person or access his/her public records without him knowing any better? In past for this kind of work you would have to hire a private investigator who would do this dirty little secretive work for you and charge a hefty fee for it. But now you could locate and investigate any one without any hefty bills or time delays.

The first and the simplest way is to scoop material online. Most of the states, counties and localities post their websites with all the public records on them. In fact most government agencies that scan public records and driver licenses post the result on their website. You could easily collect any information if you want by just visiting these websites.

Internet is one of the man’s finest creations in history of its existence. Besides the government agencies most companies upload their websites and willingly or unwillingly provide users useful information. Almost all documents by the companies will include social security number and information such as known aliases and previous addresses. You could chance upon these websites and access all the information without coughing up a dime.

With government going online with criminal records through police stations you could also find dirt at their websites. If you feel it’s a long and a tedious process and you don’t feel up to it. You could email or phone the police station and get your work done for free.

Searching for these websites could begin on popular search engines like Alta Vista, Google and Yahoo. If you are looking for inmates information typing in his/ her name along with the state name will get you all the information you need. The official websites will only provide for the crimes they committed but you could get all the juicy tit bits from newspaper clippings.

A word of warning though, it is not easy to get information in a time constraint through free web sites but for efficient, accurate and fast results its better to hire an paid services. It will save you valuable time and you would not need to go through unnecessary information for finding out the material you want to use.

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