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Search people discreetly

April 18th, 2010 by helix911 in Addresses, Criminal records, Email Addresses, People Searches, Privacy Online, Public records, Unlisted phone numbers. Topics:

There comes a moment in individuals life when he/ she does not feel right about a person or a thing. The sixth sense of your tingles because of that person and you just can not let go of it without verifying it. Obviously you do not want that person to know that you are snooping behind his back. You are afraid if he/she comes to know of it they will probably do the same to you. So what is the discreet way of doing people search?
First of all you need to understand the difference between private and public records. Doing people search could be tedious if you do not have such basic concepts. Personal information like birth dates, social security numbers, financial and medical information are considered private records and are not easily accessible.
There are websites that offer such services but they only provide public records. You will not get private information without coughing up good money for it. Although with the technological advances today you could probably find tit bits if you look close enough. Social networking sites are a good help if you are looking for some material on a person.
Even courts are a good source of information for criminal records. You will have to give an application in written and wait for information for months together at an end. There are more than a bunch of courts that provide such information but beware juvenile records are not accessible.
These days most people conduct background check on the people they meet, company’s on their new employees and friends on their new friends which they have just picked up. These searches may turn up nothing at all and if the person knew you were snooping on him he/she will not be pleased about it and may leave you. So keep the search information to yourself and if you do get paid services, be sure to destroy any receipts that you may have of transactions.

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